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Is your website mobile responsive? From April 21 mobile-friendliness will be a Google ranking signal. That's not a miniature version of your website visible on a mobile, it is a site designed to be read in a cascading fashion as you swipe the page.

If you were to work your formula on a traditional working year, then to achieve 12 month goals, set your priorities on having 7 months to achieve them.  Consider that there are 110 weekend days, 10 public holidays, 10 sick leave days and 20 annual holiday days - that eliminates 150 days from your annual calendar and leaves you 215 days or 7 months to action your goals.  

This formula also helps you work out your hourly rate and the available days you have to work on your business.

An important branding opportunity all businesses have is their email signature. Don't make it too big with large coloured banner images - we do not want to waste all our ink cartridge printing coloured logos when it is only the text we might want to keep!

As an example, here is my current electronic signature

To update your signature:  
  ... Open your Outlook  
  ... Then "New Mail"  
  ... and you will see along the top panel is a box for "Signature".

Open that box and you can edit or create a personalised signature.  This is the view you will receive.

And here are 5 opportunities to consider:

1.  Handwrite your signature - save it like you would a photo and load it through the picture bar icon to the right of "business card". It is more personal.

2.  Add your logo - but keep it small, we don't want to waste our ink. This one is 106 x 53 pixels. Add it like a photo through the picture bar icon.

3.  Add your tag line - it tells you email reader more about your purpose.

4.  Ask for a Google review - it is really beneficial for your Google ratings. Type your company name in the Google bar and if you have populated a Google My Business account your photos, web address and directions etc should appear. Lower down you will see a grey box "Write a review". If you click on that link you will have a URL in the broswer box to lift and drop into your signature. Click on the weblink icon (the world map and chain) and when that opens you will see a box for "address". Drop the browser link in and click save or OK.

5.  Then encourage people to join your social media accounts - Open each social media account as your starting point:
    • then highlight the word you wish to link (eg Facebook is the first mentioned in my signature)
    • open the web link icon (the world map and the chain
    • you can see "address" and an empty box - that's where you copy in the social media link
    • move on to your next social media address or blog etc

And you are done!  

A refreshed and digitised email signature that represents the business you run today.

There are 2 marketing tools that also double as assets you can sell with your business.  If you are planning an exit strategy, your brand and the quality of your database are two very tangible assets.  Brand yourself by maximising your point of difference and keep in touch with your community to ensure your database is current.  Keep these business assets strong!  Make them work for you.

Headlines are the most read part of an advert – are you seizing the opportunity?  

Use your headline to state your benefits and grab the reader’s attention.  

If not, the chance of the rest of the advert being read is virtually none.  

Questions and intrigue statements work well.   

Did you know on average only 20% of people read the copy word for word, so headlines can help fill in the blanks for skimmers.

This applies, to ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Instagram ads, brochures and flyers. 
branding coloursSocial Media Examiner published this colour chart and caption. 

A colour is synonymous with your brand. 

Your colour choice not only represents your business but also impacts your followers on a psychological level.” 

How does your brand colours stack up?

Every business should have a mobile friendly website now.

There is one set of Google search results for desktop size screens and another set of Google search results for mobile size screens.  

Without a mobile responsive website you would be missing out on all the searches people initiate from their mobile (which is the biggest majority).  

Google now rates "mobile responsive" as the main search result.  

To tell if your current website is mobile responsive, here is Google’s free checking tool enter in your url and Google will evaluate it for you.  
What can you do for a prospective client or existing client without expecting anything in return? 

Can you network two clients who will benefit from this business connection? 

It costs you nothing to connect people and making introductions that will benefit both their businesses means both parties will be grateful you thought of them. 

This is a win-win for everyone.
Revisit the home page of your website and check that you have placed as many dynamic links to the existing words as possible?  (Dynamic links are underlined words and when clicked on they take you to more information stored on other pages). It helps visitors click through your site quickly, choosing either your navigation pane or your dynamic links as they skim read.  If you scroll up to the business description above you will see there are 8 dynamic links on my home page. 
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    Richard Thorning, Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship, Curtin Business School
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  • Lorraine and I have just completed some marketing consulting with Sherryn from Marketing Talk which we received through the BiZFiT program. Sherryn was fantastic and she has motivated Lorraine and I, and showed us some very useful tips that we are now implementing in our business. This support is greatly appreciated and has helped us look at our marketing differently.

    Lorraine and Jason Hutchen, Red Manna Waterfront Restaurant
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    Kirsten and Brett Williams, Eco-Logical Building Company
  • Sherryn’s approach to marketing is not only informative but she provides practical tips and ideas that participants are able to implement immediately with little or no cost. She is professional, confident and her presentations are very engaging.

    Amanda Day, Manager, Women's Markets WA, Westpac
  • Thanks for your marketing seminar.  As a new business we strive to market our business on what one would call a “beer budget”.  I found your seminar very useful & I have now implemented many of the tips & strategies into my own marketing plan.  You spoke very clearly & I was able to understand your methods taught at the seminar. I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone.

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  • Hi Sherryn, This Monday our first newsletter was sent out and I had 3 replies the same day from USA, a former guest and a Swiss couple ready to book who also said they would forward it to their Singapore friends. So, all in all I am very happy with the result so far and thanks for sharing your knowledge on how to get newsletters opened and action.

    Elizabeth, The Traill, Margaret River
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    Di Graham, Media & PR, Small Business Development Corp
  • We’ve enjoyed working with Sherryn & grateful for the valuable marketing insights she shared.  She is motivated, extremely innovative, & helped make our marketing & website development easy to understand.  Always patient, & able to work at our pace.  Definitely looking forward to the next project.

    Anne Opferkuch and Jack Keeley, Winthrop Gardens Supa IGA
  • "I'd been in business 7 years before attending Sherryn's course.  I had no idea I was potentially losing a lot of extra business until I understood a few simple lessons. It gave me great ideas! and I am now implementing Sherryn's teachings to run my business more efficiently. Thanks Sherryn."

    Andrew Meyland, Star Tint
  • I engaged Sherryn to present to Westpac’s Women’s Network in February 2010. Not only was she a pleasure to deal with prior to the event but the feedback from our participants was outstanding – event ratings were the highest we’ve had for 12 months.

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