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Welcome to the first newsletter of 2016.

Happy New Year!  

I've already opened the fortune cookie for you, so you can see your year ahead.  

As Peter Drucker once said ... "The best way to predict the future ... is to create it yourself".

Predict your business future  ... don't be the best kept secret.

Have you overlooked the "letter box drop" marketing method?  

When I mention this, many business owners say they hate junk mail themself and for this reason alone choose not to prepare flyers for letter box distribution.  

Consider this scenario - you know the local council has roadside collections periodically.  When is the next collection" Can't remember? 

In my area, several local tree lopping and garden clean up businesses distribute flyers 2-3 weeks before the next council collection date:
  • mentally you thank them for reminding you it is soon
  • then you start thinking about a weekend busy bee - perhaps getting the kids earning their broadband access
  • then you think of what else you have to do on the weekend, so you grab the leaflet, ring the number, book the service and congratulate yourself on getting one more chore off your list.
Sound familiar? Could this customer mindset apply to your business?  A "market drop" works if a potential customer/client needs your services right now, is prompted to think of your services right now or if your subject heading on your flyer hits their wants, needs, desires or pain points right now.

So don't discount the "letter box drop" method.  Think of it as a "market drop" for your target market with a need right now. If it is your market, could you target all the:

  • businesses is an industrial zone
  • women in a shopping strip
  • houses in a suburb
  • Australia Post boxes in a suburb
  • managers in an office building
  • shop owners in a shopping centre
  • people in your social/sport clubs (yours and your family)
  • people in your industry sector
Would one of these methods fit your target group? If so remember to use a compelling headline and end with a call-to-action. 

Coffee Conversations are back for 2016

Coffee Conversations: Wed 2019

Marketing Coffee Conversations

'How to" marketing in small bites, sweetened with a barista coffee & cake!  

"6 quick sales & marketing tips to end your year" 

Get your business noticed, remembered & referred ... one topic at a time.

Wednesday 2019 (Date TBA when I find a suitable cafe)

9.30 to 9.45    ...  place your coffee order and meet other business owners 

9.45 to 10.30  ...  "6 quick sales and marketing tips to end your year"

10.30 to 11.00 ...  introductions and connections - cafe style

$38 includes "one manageable marketing chunk" (the 6 tips), your notes handout, a barista coffee, a bite to eat and an opportunity to connect with 15 other business people. 

No powerpoints, no upsells, just sound marketing advice you can action immediately - and bring along your business cards for a relaxed way to make connections. 

Remember that every day you delay your marketing is a gift to your competition! Hope to see you there!

What is your marketing tip?

Share it an win Marketing Talk's ebook "Marketing and Advertising in a Nutshell" valued at $27.  The ebook is packed with easily understood marketing theory plus 30 simple marketing and formatting tips to improve your next ad copy. Email Sherryn with your idea, and with your permission it will be shared with readers in a future newsletters. Readers love the learning curve from other business onwer's tips .. so share yours!

How about this marketing idea?

Evan Caruana of Ember Candles shares "We advertise in the Swan Valley tourist guide, which has a stack of businesses it it.  So to ensure our ad is front and centre without paying for it, we distribute them with a sticker on the front cover which clearly directs potential customers to the page where our ad and location is.  This I believe gives us maximum exposure to both the hosting magazine and to our paid advert.  Presently we distribute over 150 books per week from our Joondalup kiosk.  Next I will include a unique offer so that I can measure the impact of the process."  Good thinking Evan and just for sharing he wins Marketing Talk's ebook "Advertising and Marketing in a Nutshell".

This arrived in the inbox recently, and it was worth sharing with you as the new year starts.

May peace break into your home.

May thieves come to steal your debts.

May your pockets become a magnet for $100 notes.

May the problems you had forget your address.  

In simple words, may 2016 be your best year yet!

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