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WOW doesn't time fly.  It hardly seems 5 years since the first newsletter was circulated to 127 readers. Thank you for your support, the readership is now more than 10 times that!  

Thank you to everyone who has provided tips for other readers to enjoy over 60 newsletters, given me encouragement and offered helpful feedback.  

I really enjoy this interaction with business owners and I trust the tips and ideas delivered to your inbox monthly have helped YOU keep YOUR marketing compass on course. In celebration of 
5 newsletter years, if you have picked up some marketing tips along the way I would appreciate you showing your support with:


Are you proud of your website?  Have you added anything to it lately? 

Websites should be user friendly, easy to navigate, up to date and links tested regularl. Google rewards you for a fresh and relevant site, and the rule of thumb for credibility is something refreshed once a week.  

Yes I know you just said "how much time do you think I have to spare each week Sherryn" but before you write off the idea as too hard, here are 5 quick changes taking 5 minutes each.  The most weeks in a month is 5 so here are 5 quick changes taking 5 minutes each ...

  1. find a quote and add it to your blog 
  2. load up a client testimonial 
  3. change some words in one of your H1 headings
  4. add or change a photo 
  5. find a few words on a web page that you can make into a hyperlink

Try to simplify your service offering.

It's a good idea to divide your services into separate pages on your drop down windows. I think it is easier for people to choose.  

Here is a screenshot of the drop down windows outlining Marketing Talk's services, or you can see it clearly if you click on They are:
Maximise Your Marketing
Web Workout Sessions
Facebook Training At Your Workplace
21 Marketing Must-Haves Facilitation
Compass plans To Outsource Your Marketing


Your website should be your silent salesman 24/7, adding to your credibility and allowing people to research your business anytime it suits them. Statistics show evenings are a busy time slot for web browsing, so ... here are 5 questions for you:

1.  Do you have contact details on every page of your website? 

If I couldn't find your business card and wanted to ring you, would I find your phone number on your website easily?   

2.  Is there something "free" to encourage me to visit longer?

Everyone benefits from knowledge and buyer beware information.  Position yourself as an expert in your field and upload a free article you have written to generate branding for your business.  

3.  Is your "Contact Me" page personalised?  

Would I feel I was important to you if I left a message on your "Contact Me" page today?  Do you ask me anything that might help create a personal connection?  Do you also have a call to action on this page?   

4.  Do you have an auto responder following your "Contact Me" page

Now that I have contacted you and hit the send key, is there a HTML text generated message that says my message has been logged?  Did you know you can set up your usual letterhead graphics and leave a warm message to let me know you will be in touch?  This would make me feel valued.

5.  When did you last check the footer on your web home page?

Is the date at the bottom of your home page displaying 2013?  Or does it still say the date your website was created - perhaps 2 or 3 years ago?  While the search engines change their ranking criteria goal posts regularly, they have always rated "current" as most important.



Coffee Conversations: Wed 24th June

Marketing Coffee Conversations

'How to" marketing in small bites, sweetened with a coffee and cupcake!  

Get your business more noticed, remembered and referred, one topic at a time. Join me in Victoria Park for: 

"5 ways to measure your marketing" 

Wed 24th June

9.30 to 9.45   ...  place your coffee order and meet other business owners 

9.45 to 10.30  ...  "5 ways to measure your marketing"

10.30 to 10.50 ...  introductions and connections - cafe style

$32 includes "one manageable marketing chunk" (5 marketing measures), your handout and morning tea. 

No powerpoints, no upsells, just sound marketing advice you can action immediately - and bring along your business cards for a relaxed way to make connections.  The Sassy Cookie, 41 Duncan St, Victoria Park - it is a small cafe so numbers are truly limited to 18.  Free street parking, 2kms from CBD or a 1 min walk from Vic Park Train Station.

Remember that every day you delay your marketing is a gift to your competition! Hope to see you there!



Share it and win Marketing Talk's ebook "Advertising & Marketing In A Nutshell" valued at $27 from the online shop. Email your idea to and with your permission your ideas will be shared with other business owners. 

Don't be shy!!

Send in your tip because readers tell me they really enjoy the learning curve from other business owner's tips.



Wendy Flack of CoupleIt shares this Facebook and website tip for you.  "When posting a photo to your Facebook page, include your website in the description.  That way, anyone browsing through your photos can quickly click through to your website ... and isn't that where you want them to go?"  

Great tip Wendy and it also creates back links to your website - another Google ranker. For her contribution Wendy wins "Advertising & Marketing In A Nutshell".


And when you look up to the skies for the rain clouds, remember than Anthony De'Angelo once said

"Your mind is like a parachute.  It only works when it is open".

Till next month,                        

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